Fatema Chakera

About Artist

Born in 1997 Hyderabad, Fatema Chakera earned her bachelor s degree in Fine Arts from SABS, Shaheed Allah Bukhsh Soomro University of Art, Design Heritages, Jamshoro Sindh, with printmaking as a major Her contribution to the respective field of art has gotten her a distinction in her thesis in 2021 Her work consists of prints in its original and interactive art form that showcases possibilities of existence Her work combines the elements and principles of art to create a visual that questions its origin and flips the subject and purpose of the elements into something in contrast with how she usually perceives it Most of her inspiration comes from self-exploration and surroundings.

Artist Statement


The complexity of thoughts is portrayed by an interesting web that raises questions of origin, end, possibility and probability, created in my work through basic elements and principles of art This is done by repeatedly overlapping the object to create an illusion of perceptual motion through

Creations Of The Artist

Fatima Chakira, Divergence VI (Quardriptych), 33 x 28 Inch, Etching and Mixmedia on Canvas, Abstract Painting

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