Beenish Zia Abbasi

About Artist

I am Beenish Zia Abbasi a miniaturist I was born on February 25 th, 1996 in Hyderabad Sindh I completed my early education from Hayat Girls School and College Since childhood I was interested in arts and crafts I vividly remember the day my art teacher appreciated my artwork, that s when I decided I wanted to pursue my higher studies in Fine Arts I completed my bachelor s degree from SABSU (Shaheed Allah Bux Soomro University of Arts, Design and Heritages) which was previously known as CEAD (Centre of Excellence in Arts and Designs) I chose miniature painting as my major subject because I love to work in detail

Artist Statement

Change is inevitable, nothing remains the same Everything is time bound and hence limited to it Everything changes with time adopting new forms and uses In my opinion acceptance for change opens new avenues through which you can progress This is what I have expressed through my work by combining multiple objects giving new meanings

Creations Of The Artist

Beenish Zia, 10 x 16.5 Inch, Gouache on Wasli, Mughal painting

Beenish Zia, Mutate, 4 x 6.2 Inch, Gouache on Wasli, Miniature Painting

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